Haunting Relics of a Country That No Longer Exists (NatGeo)

Discover the incredible history behind Yugoslavia’s otherworldly monuments.

Hundreds of bizarre futuristic monuments appear out of place jutting from the varied landscape of the former Yugoslavia—ghostlike echoes of a country that no longer exists. Stretching from present-day Croatia and Slovenia bordering the Adriatic coast, through the jagged peaks of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, until sloping down into Serbiaand Macedonia, the bold abstract artworks built during the 1960s and 1970s were intended to spread their country’s ideals and values to the masses across all the land.


To understand what these relics of the past mean today, photographer Sylvain Heraud traveled to the republics that emerged from the dissolution of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. “The idea of my work is to highlight these monuments and ask the question whether their messages have endured over time,” explains Heraud (Continue reading on National Geographic). 


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