Tico D.C. Hits One Year, Michael Schlow’s Thrilled (Eater DC)

final_IMG_3038Tico’s immense windows face the corner where the bustling thoroughfares of U Street and 14th Street converge. The restaurant opened just one year ago as the first D.C. venture by chef and restaurateur Michael Schlow, who previously launched six restaurants in New England (including the original Tico in Boston), and then one in Los Angeles. “As we grow, the big trick is how to keep what you already established, never rest on your laurels, and be better tomorrow than you were today,” he explains.

Now Schlow is preparing for his second D.C. restaurant, opening in late July in Dupont Circle’s renovated Carlyle Suites Hotel. “D.C. is a place where we want to establish a real presence, with The Riggsby being next,” he says. “And well, we can only hope, but if we have half the opening … we did [at Tico], I’d be thrilled.

You obviously have a lot of experience after seven restaurants, but what was the biggest challenge to open Tico D.C. last year?


Continue reading the interview on Eater D.C. website, published on June 16, 2015.


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