Creating D.C.’s “Largest Public Art Project” (BLOG)

An abandoned parking lot shows potential just like a blank canvas. In a revitalizing neighborhood, these empty spaces sometimes turn too quickly into Whole Foods grocery stores or massive luxury apartment buildings, before the community has time to embrace change.

Condos certainly loom on the horizon of Storey Park in D.C.’s NoMa neighborhood (North of Massachusetts Avenue), which will become the site of a residential and retail complex in 2017. But until then, locals worked together to create a colorful public gathering space of pride.

On Saturday, June 6th, Storey Park turned from an empty lot into what organizers NoMa Business Improvement District and Hip-Hop non-profit Words Beats & Life claim to be D.C.’s “Largest Public Art Project.” About 100 artists each made their mark on the one acre of space.

A coat of paint encourages a fresh start, plus the makeover will make NoMA’s free outdoor summer film series, already hosted at Storey Park, much more special. Friends now can arrange to meet at the painting of the girl with striped hair, for example, to watch a movie together. Hopefully the NoMA community will enjoy this special place while it lasts.

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