Just Back: Austin Travel Tips (NatGeo)

National Geographic Traveler researcher Christine Blau (on Twitter @Chris_Blau and on Instagram @christineblau) touched down in Austin, Texas, hoping to take a break from winter. Instead, she was greeted with unseasonably cold and rainy weather that shocked locals.

While visions of frolicking in beloved local green spaces Barton Springs or Pedernales Falls State Park were dashed, Christine discovered that the Austin area exudes year-round charm.

Here are some of the high points of her trip, in her own words:

Local Quirk: “Keep Austin Weird” neatly sums up the Texas capital’s eccentric aspirations. Quirks like Mexican free-tailed bats living under a bridge, clothing-optional Hippie Hollow Park, and throwing anannual birthday bash since 1963 for Eeyore, A.A. Milne’s lovable donkey, make sense here. Some find the funk in live music 365 days a year, local designers lining South Congress Street, or hipster food trucks in East Austin.


Continue reading this article on National Geographic Intelligent Travel blog, published Feb. 2, 2015. 


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