NASA to 3-D Print Pizza (BLOG)

Far out pizza [Flickr CC via @paul goyette]
Far away from any fresh ingredients, astronauts are craving pizza in outer space.

NASA awarded $125,000 to mechanical engineer Anjan Contractor to develop a 3D printer for food. Their first venture will of course be my favorite – pizza.

The printer oozes layer after layer from cartridges of non-perishable food powder.  A heated surface bakes the dough as sauce (ketchup) and cheese (cream cheese) is squeezed on top.

The pizza is topped with the “protein layer,” which remains a mystery on this planet.

The cartridges last for up to 30 years, more than enough time.  Sending a printer instead of boxes of dehydrated food allows extra space in the cramped quarters and gives the astronauts a home-cooked meal.

Honestly, this pizza looks pretty gross.  But if I were on a space mission for years kept far away from my favorite pizzerias, I guess I would have to lower my standards.


  • Astronauts can choose from about 300 meals suitable for space, including favorites such as dehydrated shrimp with cocktail sauce and Tang.  [DISCOVERY]

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Sources: The Verge, Popular Science


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