Food News: June 2014 (BLOG)

A roundup of five news items from the past month affecting the way we eat:

1.) Google Fuels Sainsbury’s Food Rescue

Google is partnering with Sainsbury’s, the UK’s second largest supermarket chain,  to launch mobile voice recognition technology with recipe inspiration to combat food waste. Users receive practical advice on using up ingredients that would otherwise be forgotten at the back of the fridge.. (WMW)

Checking Back [Flickr CC @xJason.Rogersx]

2.) Pestaurant Serves DC

Grasshopper burgers, barbecue mealworms and scorpion lollipops were on the lunch menu at Occidental in DC at a pop-up ‘pestaurant’, making patrons buzz over sustainable, nutritious meals.   (WashPost Blog)

[Flickr CC via @william.neuheisel]
Grasshoppers for Lunch [Flickr CC via @william.neuheisel]

3.) Amazon Food Delivery Crash

Amazon quietly launched a new food delivery service in Seattle, and then promptly took the site down. Is this tech giant too fearful of upstart competitors like Seamless and Grubhub? (TechCrunch)

Flickr Creative Commons @penguincakes
Race for Faster Delivery [Flickr CC via @penguincakes]

4.) Panera Bread Promises… to Keep Promises

Panera Bread, with about 1,800 restaurants, is trying to recommit to “clean ingredients,” transparent menu,” and “positive impact” to keep up with similar pledges from McDonald’s and Chipotle. (Bloomberg)

Flickr Creative Commons @roboppy
Panera Bakery Counter [Flickr CC @roboppy]

5.) Neanderthals Pooped Plants

First humans apparently liked their salads, as archaeologists discovered at a site in southern Spain where Neanderthals lived 50,000 years ago. The proof is in the poop. (NPR)

Flickr Creative Commons @LordJim
Banksy’s McCaveman [Flickr CC @LordJim]

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